What to do in Warburton?

The Yarra River

Warburton nestled in the upper Yarra Valley, offers a wonderful retreat from the bustle of the City and yet it is only 90 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

  • Wineries
  • Restaurants
  • Scenic Drives
  • River & Bush Walks
  • Art & Crafts
  • Antiques
  • Snow Play, swimming
  • Fishing, horse riding

  • Rustic setting

    Warburton - Some History
    The Warburton area is part of the greater Upper Yarra area, which got its name from the Yarra Yarra tribe of Aborigines who inhabited the area. The area was explored and charted in 1845 by Robert Hoddle (Hoddles Creek, is named after him), he followed the Yarra River to its upper reaches.

    Full of natural beauty.

    The gold rush hit the Upper Yarra area in 1858, mining began in Britannia Creek. In 1859 a goldfield named "Yankee Jim's Creek" opened, this was renamed Warburton in 1863 after the gold warden for the district, Charles Warburton Carr.

    The gold mined in the area was primarily alluvial and the yields were substantial. It was found that there was gold bearing rock and in 1870, a water wheel was built at Warburton to drive a crusher. By the late 1890's the gold had been depleted and it was getting harder to find easy gold. Most of the the prospectors left the area leaving behind a few settlers in the town.

    After the gold ran out a timber industry sprang up in the Warburton area. Wagons of felled trees cut down by teams of axe men were taken over rough tracks to Lilydale. From Lilydale the timber could be loaded on trains and transported to Melbourne, the railway eventually extended to Warburton in 1901.